ADENIGBO Adedotun Joseph (Publications)
Publisher Elsevier Publication
Publication Type Journal
Publication Title Factors Influencing Cargo Agents Choice Of Operations In Abuja Airport, Nigeria
Publication Authors J.A Adenigbo
Year Published 2016
Abstract The ability of an airport to attract traffic can vary within a multi-airport model of operation and highly competitive environment. This study is an effort to examine the factors that cargo agents rank as most important in their choice of Abuja airport cargo transhipment operations. A questionnaire survey was conducted on a random sample of members of the Association of Nigeria Customs Licensed Agents (ANCLA) at Abuja airport for primary data collection. The study employed a combination of Factor Analysis (FA) and Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) to analyse the data collected. The results of the factor loadings indicate airport capacity, airport charges and customs efficiency as the most significant factors that agents consider in their choice of handling cargo through Abuja airport. The three variables were found to have a high correlation relationship (R ΒΌ 0.802) with the dependent variable of airport choice after subjecting it to regression analysis. This serves as information to airport managers for the airport planning of capacity in cargo operations within multi-airport country such as Nigeria.
Publisher FUTA
Publication Type Conference
Publication Title Challenges Facing The Sustainability Operations Of Vehicle Inspection Officers In Abuja, Nigeria
Publication Authors J.A Adenigbo, S.O Olorunfemi and J.T Aruwa
Year Published 2016
The need for vehicle inspection operations in Nigeria is fundamentally to ensure vehicles meet all
safety requirements. This will ensure sustainable movement on roads characterised with reduced
environmental effect and traffic problems. This study therefore examines the challenges facing the
sustainability of the operations of Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIO) under the Directorates of
Road Traffic Services (DRTS) in Abuja, FCT Nigeria. The study made use of secondary data
collected from the records of the DRTS on the number and status of vehicles inspected in the city
from 2007 – 2014, and primary data collected through questionnaire survey randomly
administered to a total of 107 respondents on the challenges facing sustainable vehicle inspection
operations in Abuja. The study employed descriptive and a combination of factor and regression
analysis as techniques for data analysis. The result of the factor analysis showed manpower
shortage (76.3%) and inadequate equipment (87.6%) as the most significant challenges facing
sustainable operations of vehicle inspection officers in Abuja. The results point out the need for
recruitment of more vehicle inspection officers, as well as provision of equipment needed to assist
the operations of the officers.